Se vio en SNL:

O sea, Saturday Night Live. Los videos se pueden ver en los vínculos. No lo traduzco porque inevitablemente le quitaría la gracia.

TINA FEY: Maybe what bothers me the most is that people say that Hillary is a bitch. Let me say something about that: Yeah, she is. So am I and so is this one. [Points to Amy Poehler]

AMY POEHLER: Yeah, deal with it.

TINA FEY: You know what, bitches get stuff done. That’s why Catholic schools use nuns as teachers and not priests. Those nuns are mean old clams and they sleep on cots and they’re allowed to hit you. And at the end of the school year you hated those bitches but you knew the capital of Vermont. So, I’m saying it’s not too late Texas and Ohio, bitch is the new black!

Tres semanas después:

TRACY MORGAN: Three weeks ago, my girl, Tina Fey, she came on the show and she declared that bitch was the new black. And you know I love you, Tina, you know you are my girl. But I have something to say. Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president, bitch!

¡Grande Obama!


Una respuesta

  1. muy fino, hay que sugerir esos videos de tracy morgan para clases de lógica en los colegios.
    salud, alonso


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